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Money, I'm Home

Jul 30, 2023

Yes! That's right. Just like the title says, A True National Champion on the Consumers Team. On this week's episode, Nate Thompson shares the story of how he and his team just won the wiffle ball national championship! 

Jul 23, 2023

New prespectives can bring a fresh outlook! This week, we talk with two of our summer interens here at Consumers about not only what they are working on, but also what they hope to get out of there time here! 

Jul 16, 2023

Stay savvy with those scamers! The scammer are not stopping anytime soon. Consumers own, Kristy Desimone is here to give you some tips to stay safe! 


Jul 9, 2023

Did you know that you might qualify for a grant to fund part, or all of your down payment on your house? Consumer own mortgage experts are here again this month to talk about how we can help get you into that dream home.