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Money, I'm Home

Jun 30, 2023

Milestone Senior Services is a Kalamazoo organization whose main focus is helping seniors age in place. From meals on wheeles to building wheelchair ramps Milestone Senior Services is a great resource in the community. 

Jun 25, 2023

Don't fall victum to a scams! The golden rule is never give out your online banking password! 

Jun 18, 2023

"Thanks Jake Esselink for your wonderful production skills!" That's the line you've heard at the end of each episode for the last 226 episodes. Who is Jake Esselink you might ask? Not only is he the guy writing this description right now, he is also the guest on this special Father's Day edition episode. 

Jun 11, 2023

Are you a homeowner? Even if you answered no to that question, maybe you plan on buying your own home at some point. Your house could be the single biggest investment that you will ever make in your life. Give this weeks episode a listen to make sure you're taking the right steps as you're making your next big purchase.

Jun 4, 2023

Consumers is excited to welcome Paul Tobin and Monica Chung from MasterCard on this weeks episode! We were honored to accept the Innovation Award again this year from MasterCard. Give this episode a listen to find out a little bit more about the award.