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Money, I'm Home

Sep 29, 2019

Scott and Christine Vogel are the owners of Nothing Bundt Cakes in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Learn about their journey from corporate America to owning a bakery, all while learning lessons about life and marriage! Money, I'm Home!

Sep 22, 2019

Eve Rogus, vice president of the Lighthouse Group, discusses her life story on today's Money, I'm Home! As a divorced mother of three, Eve fought and won against challenge after challenge on a personal quest to prove to the world that she would provide for her family and succeed at life. Listen today!

Sep 15, 2019

Jaimie Counterman from Metro Health University of Michigan Health discusses stroke prevention and care. Your reaction to stroke symptoms can add years back to your life! Listen today on "Money, I'm Home!"

Sep 8, 2019

Vonnie Woodrick, executive director of i understand, joins us during suicide prevention month to discuss the true roots of suicide - pain and hopelessness. Learn about changing the definition of suicide, Pink Heart Day (which is officially September 10 in Grand Rapids, Michigan) and more in today's special episode of...

Sep 1, 2019

Shannon Dwyer, a business development manager for Consumers Credit Union, talks about the trials and tribulations of the home buying journey in a tight housing market. From getting the pre-approval to finding the right home, Shannon's story will give you the help and hope you need to find the home of your dreams! Money,...