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Money, I'm Home

Feb 26, 2023

Live from the CUES 2023 Future & Economic Summit Conerence, we bring you a special episode of Money I'm Home with Melanie Spring. Weather you know it or not, you have a personal brand, are you rocking it?

Feb 19, 2023

As technology evolves, so do the scammers who use it. In addition to collecting information from phone calls, scammers are now using texting and messaging apps to try to get your information. This months "fraud" podcast, is all about texting scams!

Feb 12, 2023

Zoos and Credit Unions? That's right, Consumers is proud to be a sponsor of the new Pygmy Hippo exhibit at the John Ball Zoo. Give this podcast to listen for a little bit of insider info.

Feb 5, 2023

One of our favorite traditions at Consumers is rewarding deserving high school seniors with scholarships every year. Give this podcast to listen to hear how you, or your student, can be a recipient of one of the scholarship!