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Money, I'm Home

Apr 28, 2019

West Michigan is a great place to be! This week’s guest, Rachel Bartels of “Hello West Michigan,” discusses the stress of relocation and why it’s worth it!

Apr 21, 2019

Rick Vuyst, host of the Flowerland show and author of Operation Rumination, talks about the spark that ignited a journey of personal growth. Join Lynne and Rick as they explore the concept of selflessness and leadership in today's world.

Apr 14, 2019

Join John Murphy of Consumers Credit Union as he discusses the basics of getting your very first mortgage. Learn about credit scores, down payments, and why we need to see that statement page that says, "This page intentionally left blank." Listen today!

Apr 7, 2019

Over 2.3 million people live with Multiple Sclerosis every day. Listen in this week as Consumers’ own, Becky Nap, tells her story about living with MS. Find out how you can get involved in the upcoming MS Walk fundraiser.